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Legion of Super-Heroes Flight Ring

The Legion of Super-Heroes Flight Ring is the first of the rings
in the current DC series and was issued in 1998.
It sold out very quickly and has become a very scarce and high demand collectible.
The scans below show this item pretty well. The ring is gold plated
and ships in a nice, gray ring box with a cardboard sleeve.
The sleeve also includes graphics of the Legion "L" logo.
There is a bit of glare in the scan, but this is NOT on the ring.
I have secured the ring into the ring box with a black twist tie for purposes of the scan.

Size availability VERY limited. Please write to determine what sizes are currently in stock.
$125 plus shipping, insurance. Shipping and insurance in the United States is $7.50
Please e-mail or call for current availability and ordering instructions.
I have Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash and Legion of Super Heroes rings
in stock at this time, so please check out other pages on my website.

Owner: Chris Jackson
P.O. Box 25095
Overland Park, KS 66225

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